Show Recap of Milan Fashion Week 2015

As a true lover and supporter of Italian fashion, I was beyond excited for my very first trip to Milan for Fashion Week. It seemed almost surreal, that just a few days before I was in the middle of a hectic London fashion Week, with no plane tickets bought yet for Italy – but it all came into place, and I had the most amazing experience!

Italian fashion, as I’ve noticed, is so different from that in New York, in Paris, and especially in London. I like to say that London is more avant-garde, focusing on the ‘art’ in design. Paris, as we all know, is famous for their haute-couture houses, and New York for making us live the American Dream in their fashion. However, Milan is different.. It is all about designing for the feminine, empowering and sexy woman.

The fashion in each of the cities are truly so different, which is what the Fashion Weeks all the more exciting! I completely fell in love with every brand I had the opportunity to see during Milan Fashion Week, so scroll down to see my Part 1 recap – and I hope you will enjoy them too!

Milan Fashion Week SS16 Shows

CO|TE: A newly found favourite of mine, CO|TE’s ‘Secret Garden’ themed collection was whimsical and beautifully executed. Telling the story of a woman who walks through mysterious paths in a secret garden, admiring the tropical flowers on her way, she is finally led to a pond of emerald waters – the epitome of perseverance, courage and strength. This tale is executed through delicate embroideries and embellished skirts: and the use of materials such as soft leather and cotton shantung help to create an elegant and feminine collection.

Milan Fashion Week SS16 ShowsMilan Fashion Week SS16 ShowsMilan Fashion Week SS16 Shows

SIMONETTA RAVIZZA: For the woman who loves to express herself through the clothes that she wears, Ravizza created a laidback, sophisticated and ultra chic collection made of heritage and glamor, with the unique addition of fur in certain looks to evoke a sense of individuality and style. A true tale of elegance, Simonetta Ravizza’s clothing is impeccably feminine and sexy, with pieces made for the modern day woman whilst still catering to timeless fashion.

Milan Fashion Week SS16 ShowsMilan Fashion Week SS16 ShowsMilan Fashion Week SS16 ShowsMilan Fashion Week SS16 Shows

CORIAMENTA: As a huge fan of shoes, I was very pleased to preview the upcoming collection of Italian shoe brand Coriamenta! Her designs are quite unique and vibrant, with the key detail being angel’s wings to convey a passion for seduction, elegance and femininity. A combination of both flats and heels, each shoe from the SS16 has a bright and neon color palette: they are both seductive and stylish.

Milan Fashion Week SS16 ShowsMilan Fashion Week SS16 ShowsMilan Fashion Week SS16 Shows

SPRING UP SHOWROOM: One of the highlights of my Milan Fashion Week 2015 experience was attending an event at the Spring Up Showroom. Here, the space was filled with the upcoming collections of numerous Italian labels that I had the chance to discover that evening! My love for Italian fashion was certainly confirmed; the designs were all sublime, wearable and feminine!

Throughout the event, I had the opportunity to meet several designers, one being Sergio Daricello who had his collection showcased as well. I absolutely loved his pieces and how feminine and flirty they are! I also met designers Luca and Michele from the label Luca Michele, whose clothes I wore on Day 1 of Milan Fashion Week (see Here).

Milan Fashion Week SS16 ShowsMilan Fashion Week SS16 ShowsMilan Fashion Week SS16 Shows

I hope you liked this recap of the shows and events during Milan Fashion Week 2015, and stayed tuned for Part 2 and more of my Fashion Week looks coming soon!


Xx Bibi

All Photos taken by me.

  1. I totally agree with you, Bibi! Each fashion week has a different vibe and esthetic and Milan, quire honestly, is my favorite for the reasons you’ve mentioned. I have yet to go, but I’m crossing my fingers that one day I’ll be able to have the opportunity to attend some shows because it would be such an amazing experience. It was awesome that you were able to attend and sometimes, things are a lot more fun when they aren’t so planned! I love all of the designs and collections you shared here; all of those shoes, my gosh how gorgeous!

    I hope you have an amazing day and weekend, beautiful!


    1. Awh thank you so much for such a sweet comment! I definitely agree, last minute trips are much more fun! And you should definitely plan to go sometime, if you love classic, feminine fashion I’m sure you will enjoy MFW !! xx

  2. Firstly I love the layout of your blog. Milan fashion week isnt something I have given much thought to before, I always think of Paris, but yes the prints and shoes are fantastic! X

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