Getting That Summer Glow from Day to Night | with Lin&Lo Mineral Makeup

lin&lo mineral makeup

Makeup is a girl’s best friend. Not in the way of simply hiding imperfections, but in the way of boosting the features you predominantly love about yourself. To me, beauty is all about you, to make you feel as confident and gorgeous both inside and out. This powerful little tool we call ‘makeup’, used on the regularly, is worn differently by each and every woman in the way that she pleases. Makeup has a special meaning for everyone, and to me it is the most enjoyable part of my everyday routine: freshening up and putting on your most beautiful products suited for the occasion – this feeling is inseparable, and even just the slight amount of makeup has boosted my confidence!

Much like the makeup I wear, it is a true representation of myself as a person and the life that I live. For those who have been following my blog for some time, you’ll know that I’m always traveling between cities – I live in between Paris and London, two breathtaking cosmopolitan cities with so much diversity to offer! I’m a wanderer at heart, and the thrill of travel is like no other. With that in mind, my active lifestyle as a city girl has become who I am – and it is reflected in my makeup as well.

lin&lo mineral makeuplin&lo mineral makeup

In collaboration with new makeup brand Lin&Lo, which a friend of mine has recently created, I wanted to show you my current beauty essentials and how to get that effortless summer glow! What I love about the line is that it’s truly created with the ‘cosmopolitan girl‘ in mind. When I look into beauty products to wear, the most important factor is versatility. Once I start my day I am out and about heading to university, shooting for my blog and attending events – not to mention on the days that I travel there is no time for hanging out at the hotel! I’m sure many of you can relate, our generation especially is constantly on-the-go, with active lifestyles and high expectations! But with Lin&Lo Makeup the versatility is there – it’s a brand for the modern day woman who wants to look flawless wherever she goes.

lin&lo mineral makeup

DAY LOOK: Peachy Summer Glow

In this post I wanted to show you how you can easily go from a day to night look by simply refreshing the same makeup or adding in a few simple products, without needing to head home! Summer is the perfect season to experiment with your makeup and opt for something light, airy and glowing! In this first look I especially wanted my makeup to be brightening and boosting for a busy day out in London under the sun.

  1. Starting off with the Balanced Liquid Foundation and Mineral Loose Powder from Lin&Lo, they are perfect and the secret to a lasting makeup base. The silky texture of the powder makes the skin beautifully matte whilst hiding imperfections, and the foundation gives a light to medium coverage that creates a smooth and healthy look on your skin.
  2. Next I used the Liquid Concealer in shade ‘Ivory’ to focus on the areas that need more coverage, like under the eyes as well as on small blemishes. This product has a flawless texture and isn’t too heavy on the skin, but gives exceptional coverage to brighten the under-eye area and hide dark circles.
  3. Moving on to my favorite part is the eyes! For the day look we went for something more subtle and easy to wear during the summer using the soft Wet & Dry Sparkling Eyeshadow in a light brown shade. Top it off with some Instant Love Mascara and your eyes will look dreamy and glowing!
  4. To finish off the look we used my NEW makeup obsession – the Mineral Cream Blush in shade ‘Mango’, my go-to item for the summer months as it gives this very vibrant and peachy pink glow to your cheeks! You can also use the Mineral Blush in two different ways, on your cheeks as well as on your lips – like I have done in this look!

lin&lo mineral makeuplin&lo mineral makeuplin&lo mineral makeuplin&lo mineral makeup

NIGHT LOOK: Shimmering Elegance

Using the day look as a base and inspiration for the night, all you need is to refresh your face with the same products you have put on before, with the addition of a few key items to really transform the look! Because the Lin&Lo products are so versatile, it is really easy to go from day to night as well as use one product a few different ways.

  1. To touch up the base for the evening, I used the glowing Star Powder in shade ‘Diamond’ for a sparkling and natural look. It’s perfect for summer nights and comes in a variety of neutral colors!
  2. Using a grey toned shade of the Wet & Dry Sparkling Eyeshadow, lightly go over the first color and blend in well. It will give a shimmering look to your eyes for the night!
  3. Next we created my signature black cat-eye using the Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner to create a bold look that is beautiful for either the morning or evening. It’s also water resistant and lasts all day without needing to retouch it!

lin&lo mineral makeuplin&lo mineral makeuplin&lo mineral makeuplin&lo mineral makeup

These are the two ways which I easily changed my makeup look from day to night with only a few simple steps – keeping in mind that a lot of the products can be used for many occasions! I really hope you liked this post, all of the items are linked below and you can check out more of the Lin&Lo range on their site!

Photography by Alina Kolomiichenko
Creative Direction by Alina Milos and myself


Outfit 1: Jessica Choay Collection
Outfit 2: Peggy Hartando
Bag: Charles Heritier Paris


Balanced Liquid Foundation
Mineral Loose Powder
Star Powder
Liquid Concealer
Instant Love Mascara
Wet & Dry Sparkling Eyeshadow
Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner
Mineral Cream Blush


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