A good skincare routine to me has become like a ritual; a series of steps to cleanse, soothe, and protect my skin. After all, our skin makes us who we are!

That’s why today I’m so excited to share with you my brand new skincare routine – I scrapped what I thought I knew about my skin and it’s needs, and I listened to science. I partnered with MyBlend – created by Dr. Olivier Courtin, the son of the founder of Clarins – to discover my perfect skincare routine.

winter skincare routine myblend personalised - clarins

winter skincare routine myblend personalised - clarins


Personalisation is the future of cosmetics, and that’s what drew me to MyBlend! Through an in-depth consultation on not only my skin, but also my lifestyle and health, they were able to put together a combination of products for me to use, unique to my goals. This way of choosing skincare was so eye-opening to me, as I’m used to just going in store and selecting something – because I think it might work – however, it’s not specifically tailored to my needs. And MyBlend has it all – from day and night moisturizers to eye creams, antioxidant boosters and more!

My personalised routine consisted of the Facial Cleanser, the Day & Night Stress Management Cream and a few boosters – yes that is all! There’s no fuss about having a 10-step + skincare routine, just a few essential products will do.

winter skincare routine myblend personalised - clarins


This cream is ideal for those living a very busy lifestyle, especially in a big city where pollution frequently clogs the pores. It helps to clean the skin, tighten pores and reduce blemishes, making your skin feel much softer and more radiant! Plus, protecting your skin against pollution also helps with anti-ageing.

winter skincare routine myblend personalised - clarins


The boosting serums are perfect as an addition to the day & night cream chosen for you. Rather than using the serum on its own, add a full syringe of 1 or 2 boosters to your Essential Formula cream to use for around two months. Then you can always try out new boosters after two months to meet your other needs! I’ve been loving the Radiant Booster to give a rested and bright complexion, and the Invisible Pore to reduce visibility of your pores!

winter skincare routine myblend personalised - clarins

winter skincare routine myblend personalised - clarins

If you haven’t yet discovered MyBlend, I definitely recommend you do! Through combining high technology and scientific research with personalised blends, they’ve adapted skincare to suit YOU, rather than your age.

This post is in collaboration with MyBlend, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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