Before I begin showing you the pictures I took of Venice during my trip two weeks ago, I want to first say that today is a very special day for me. Any guesses? Well, it’s my blog’s FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t! A year has passed by since the creation of my blog, which until today, January 28th, was merely an idea. Little had I known how important my blog would become to me: it’s such a huge part of me now that it’s become my life! I’ve emerged myself into the world of fashion, and I’ve done it all thanks to my blog. I will dedicate a special post very soon (in the next few days) to my blog’s anniversary – so be sure to stay updated because I have something very special planned for you! I also want to thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, for being here every step of the way, for being so kind and supportive and for helping me to make my dreams come true! For that I am forever grateful, and I hope I can return the favor to you! :)

Now on to the post for today: I’ve decided that this would be the perfect time to show you in more detail my trip to Venice. I’ve chosen the very best pictures that I took there – so for those who have been, I hope it brings back memories, and for those who haven’t been, I hope this post will inspire you! If there is one thing I learned about Venice, it’s that although it’s a very small city, it’s a city with so much culture and history. From visiting the Piazza of San Marco, to watching the creation of Murano glass, and to hearing stories about the old palaces on the Grand Canal, I felt an instant connection to this beautiful city. Venice is the home of merchants, of lovers, and of a past so rich. But I would have to say that my favorite experience was letting myself get lost in the narrowest alleyways of Venice. Every street has its own surprise, filled with color and delicious smelling Italian food. Walking around Venice feels like walking in a labyrinth: you never know where the path may lead, nor what you may find.

So come along with me as I guide you through the most famous walks of Venice and the most secretive… I hope you will enjoy seeing Venice through my eyes, and that it takes you to a place of beauty, of love and of memories, as it still does for me.


Love always,


Looking over the Grand Canal at the the beautiful old palaces on the water where the elite of Venice use to live. Now they have either become museums or small apartments for the Venetians.


During our first two days in Venice, my boyfriend and I would explore the city by foot. To cross Venice entirely it would take us about an hour to an hour and a half, which was amazing because we got to discover Venice’s hidden streets, but it was also very tiring and quite cold! Once we realised that we could get around by boat (Venice’s form of public transportation), we were so eager to visit while looking at the view as a whole! Venice truly is a magnificent sight no matter how you experience it!


Of course, what kind of blogger am I without taking both outfit pictures and polaroid pictures! I opted for a rather simple yet fashion-conscious look for comfort while exploring the city.


The Punta Della Dogana Art museum is right on the Grand Canal on the side of Venice near St Mark’s Square. We didn’t stop to go inside but it was certainly beautiful to pass by while on the boat!


Doge’s Palace – or in other words the old Parliament house of Venice during the Republic. It is located in the Piazza San Marco and is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. The architecture of this Venetian Gothic Palace is simply magnificent and shows true strength and power of Venice long ago.


You can’t come to Venice without experience a gondola ride now could you? These gondolas are so beautiful, and it is definitely a ride worth taking to see the hidden corners of Venice! I learned that each gondola was made specifically to hold a certain weight, so the gondolier would have to remain the same if he wanted to stay with that gondola.


veniceveniceveniceveniceThis photo was taken at the Rialto bridge: the oldest bridge in Venice.


On the water lies the Santa Maria church: an architectural beauty. Unfortunately we didn’t get to go inside as it was closed while we were in Venice, but we’ve been in many other churches and I can say that they are all equally incredible and amazing to see!


This would have to be one of my favorite streets in Venice as there is the Rialto market! I simply loved to walk around this busy street looking from left to right at all the local shops filled with Venetian masks, Murano glass jewelry and delicious food!

veniceWell that is all from Venice! I hope you have enjoyed seeing these pictures and that perhaps you learned something as well! Have any of you ever visited? What was your favorite place? Xx


  1. Wow…what a beautiful city! Every single corner is super photogenic! Looking at your amazing pictures makes me wanna visit Venice so bad! I’m incredibly happy you had such a great time there! And it looks like you were pretty lucky with the weather too :)

    Jasmin xx


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