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shushutong fashion editorial

Here it is… A project that I have been working so hard to bring to you:


I am so incredibly excited to be sharing this moment with you all; it represents the journey we took together since the start and where we are now, as one of the leading ‘best fashion blogs’ in the UK – and I couldn’t have done any of this without you! Having seen my blog, my little baby, grow so much since – from the collaborations to myself as a person – it brings me such joy and pleasure to bring all of that together in the form of a new and improved blog design!

For this new site, I decided to put forward what is most important for my fashion blog: the content and images themselves! Through the ever-growing opportunity to work with so many talented photographers and unique, fashion-forward brands, I truly wanted to deliver a different experience when you visit BIBI GOES CHIC.

Still within the comfort of a blog structure, I have added a completely new type of layout to the homepage – one that you can enjoy browsing to view whichever post attracts you most! But much more is to come of my new blog… I will soon add slideshows so you can have a preview at the newest posts, a custom music playlist to suit the mood, and inspirational quotes that will always put a smile on your face!

Having teamed up with the most quirky yet unique independent design label SHUSHU/TONG, and the amazingly talented photographer Mira Vaclavova, we wanted to bring to you a mix of high-end fashion and street style in the best editorial I’ve done to date! Fashion, to me, is all about personal aesthetics. Through this brand that incorporates the grungy London atmosphere with luxury tailoring, I was able to really identify my own style in these stunning designs: feminine, sophisticated and edgy. I am so blessed to have found such a wonderful person and inspiration to shoot these images for me, and I feel we have executed all that BIBI GOES CHIC stands for in this editorial!

So with that said, are you ready to discover the new BIBI GOES CHIC? I really hope you enjoy it, and I would absolutely love to know your thoughts!


Much love, Bibi <3

Photo credit: Mira Vaclavova (M.V. Photography)

shushutong fashion editorialshushutong fashion editorialshushutong fashion editorialshushutong fashion editorialshushutong fashion editorialshushutong fashion editorialshushutong fashion editorialFull look by SHUSHU/TONG

Gold Cuff — Edge of Ember
Crystal Bracelet — Trésor Paris
Other Jewelry — Dutch Basics
Sunglasses — ZeroUV

Shoes — Fornarina


  1. I’m loving the new web site! The only constructive feedback I have tho, is that I wasn’t sure which one was the the most recent post. Other than that everything looks great! You also looking amazing in your pink top! It’s so girly and feminine!


  2. OH wow, this is just incredible! You’ve absolutely summarised what Bibi Goes Chic stands for – both the photography and styling is so on point :)

    ps. super looking forward to more of your posts!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

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