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hair extensions irresistible me

Today’s hair tutorial is all about showing you how you can wear clip-in hair extensions for a fabulous and bouncy look in 5 super simple steps! I have always wondered what I would look like with very long gorgeous hair, and these Irresistible Me hair extensions have done it so well! This hairstyle is very easy to do on your own and instantly makes your hair look more voluminous.

The hair extensions I’m using in this tutorial are the Silky Chocolate Brown 24 inch 200g. They come in several different colors, lengths, as well as weights. So read on to see how I wear the extensions!

hair extensions irresistible me

Brush your hair, as well as those from the extensions to ensure there are no knots. Separate a thin section of hair at the back of your neck, and clip the rest up.

At the center of your head, insert the 4-clip weft of hair, making sure each of the clips are tightly in place.

hair extensions irresistible me

Separate another section of hair above the first clip, and insert the 3-clip weft of hair in the center of the head. On both the right and the left side of the head, insert a 2-clip weft of hair.

Finally, separate a third section of hair about two inches above the ear. Clip in a 1-clip weft of hair on each side, as close to the root as possible.

Now that all the extensions are in place, style your hair as you wish to create the finished look. In this tutorial I’m using the Mark Hill interchangeable wand to create soft waves. And voilà, you have long luscious hair!

hair extensions irresistible me

In these before and after pictures you can really notice the difference in length and volume! I have to admit I love the femininity of this long wavy hair. I’ve also created a tutorial for my YouTube channel, talking you through all the steps and showing the look in more detail. I hope you will check it out!

I would love to know your thoughts on this hairstyle!

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Xx Bianca

  1. I’m hugely impressed at the colour match – it absolutely looks like your natural hair! If I didn’t already have long hair, I would certainly look into this option of hair extensions, as the result is beautiful.

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