A girl, a flowery dress, a fancy white hat and a black & white touch to make the perfect vintage look in modern day.



There’s just something about the whole vintage look that intrigues me… Perhaps it’s the mysteriousness brought about by the black and white imagery. What I love about the ‘vintage look’ is that it is a fashion trend that is always in style.


I’m a girl who loves to dress up for occasions, or even just for fun. So I decided to play around with clothes, trying to find the best vintage look. I found this perfect black and white dress with flowers – and it couldn’t be more ideal for the start of my outfit. Accessorizing, in my opinion, wasn’t needed for this look because I wanted the focus to stay on the dress. The only accessory I was wearing was my large and fancy white hat. This type of hat is very trendy at the moment, and it suited the ‘vintage look’ perfectly. I really wanted this look to appear quite natural yet elegant, but most of all I wanted it to tell a story.


The whole aspect of something that is vintage truly interests me, and although this look was made up for pure fun, I actually thought that the final outcome would look great on my blog! And what better way to showcase some of spring 2014’s trends than by wearing a flower-pattern dress and illustrating a vintage look? I think the outfit and the ambience go hand in hand, because it’s the fine details of contrast between fashion then and fashion now that makes these images more interesting.


I hope you enjoy these pictures, and that they inspire you to have fun with modern day vintage wear. If any of you have vintage looks on your blogs that you truly love, you can always comment below with your links and I’ll be sure to check them out! :D



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