interlaced wearable technology Growing up in a world where we are now surrounded by technology every minute of every day, it is only evident that we’ve begun to move towards a greater use for it. How powerful is technology? How important has it become in our everyday lives? And most importantly, what are we moving towards? In my opinion, wearable technology is the future.

interlaced wearable technology Wearable technology within fashion retail is still quite an estranged concept. Up to now, the sports industry has been a key player in using wearable tech to develop innovative ideas that promote a healthier lifestyle. But the question is, why are fashion brands slow to react to such a powerful space with huge potential? Wearable technology is growing fast and is becoming one of the most exciting spaces in fashion retail according to the worldly known trend and market research platform WGSN, so why are brands simply eyeing it?

Diane Von Furstenberg - Runway - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

interlaced wearable technology Ralph Lauren, Opening Ceremony and Rebecca Minkoff are some key fashion brands to have made their first moves towards the growing industry. Taking a risk, Opening Ceremony’s $495 bracelet focusing on the wearer’s personal connections is one of few fashion retail brands that have really understood how to incorporate technology and product. More than for its capabilities of acting like a wearable phone on your wrist, Opening Ceremony’s bracelet with embedded jewels is a fashionable device that appeals to women through its beauty and luxury, but the problem remains that wearable tech still appears alien to many. As retailers are primarily focused on a return of investment, wearable technology isn’t on the mind of the majority of consumers at the moment, and this is where INTERLACED comes in…

interlaced wearable technology INTERLACED is a new creative platform that brings wearable technology to people, keeping us in the loop of the newest trend-led innovations so that we are kept aware of it, and most importantly so that we start to see a real use for these devices in our everyday lives. With wearable clothing still highly unachievable and seeming “sci-fi” to many, fashion jewelry has made a strong entry into the wearable tech market, which I feel is where it will first break out strong amongst the public. And this is exactly what INTERLACED is all about, educating and inspiring us about the future of fashion, where YOU are encouraged to share your thoughts and ideas about wearable tech!

interlaced wearable technology On September 3rd, INTERLACED will be hosting their first event, featuring talks, debates, and one of the first wearable tech fashion shows in London before Fashion Week kicks off, and you are all invited! From hosting a fashion show featuring wearable tech pieces to events and talks on the topic with industry leaders, this occasion is a must for all those truly interested in learning more about this still relatively new market!

I will be sure to update you when tickets are released, but in the meantime feel free to be a part of the revolution with us, whether you are a blogger or want to be a sponsor, everyone can GET INVOLVED and spread the word about wearable tech!



interlaced wearable technology

  1. Brilliant article, well-written and so interesting!! Agreed, wearable tech is the future of fashion and it’s so important for us, bloggers, to educate ourselves and be part of the revolution!! It’s great that a company like Interlaced is letting us connect with that world so much more easily!! ;)


    1. Thank you sweetie! I definitely agree, we need to become more aware and being involved is the best step there is! Very excited to see what’s to come with Interlaced.. :)

  2. I’m not really all about the apple watch- I think it’s kind of goofy. I think after some more prototypes/etc maybe something wearable will be released that I might be interested in, but for now, keeping up with a phone is alot! ha!

    1. I agree with the apple watch, there’s nothing innovative there! But I think some others have really captured its essence, and I’m excited to see what they’ll come up with next! Hopefully you’ll become interested in the future, but it’s true that a phone is already great haa xx

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