As summer is soon rounding up to an end, I felt a bit nostalgic of dreamy evenings in a calm place – the serenity and peacefulness of a summer holiday has always been my little escape from the hectic city. I just love laying by the beach until sunset, being surrounded by the beauty that is nature and discovering hidden gems in my most loved vacation home.

These past few months had been a lot different for me, as I couldn’t seem to break myself away from my busy life in London: there is always more and more I want to do, do you sometimes feel the same? So in this regard, whilst walking around Notting Hill we spotted the cutest and coziest little corner that took my imagination to a completely new place. I no longer felt I was in London, with the rustic garage door, vineries and a vintage white car, it seemed I was lost in a dreamy place…

About the look, I’ve recently fell head over heels for new fashion label COMFESS – designed by one of my talented blogger friends, Ruta from Amoureuse de Mode. The inspiration for this capsule collection, launched in August, was exactly as I had described: a story of late summer cravings. COMFESS is feminine, sweet and modern, with each limited edition design making you feel unique and fashion-forward. That is what I love in a label.

I hope you enjoy this look and images, and that it takes you to a dreamy summer escape as it did for me!


Xx Bibi

Photo credit: Victoria Metaxas


Bracelet (Left) — The Peach Box
Bracelet (Right) — Edge of Ember
Necklace — BCBG
Bag — New Look
Shoes — River Island



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