Ah, the weekend is finally here – and to celebrate, here’s a brand new outfit video! This outfit video definitely has a different approach to the whole concept of ‘outfit videos’, but that’s what I love so much about it! It’s called Paris is my Fairytale… and you will soon see why. ;)



As you’ve seen in my very first outfit video, not only did I show you my look of the day, but I also told a story through the short clip. Even if it wasn’t a profound story, there are certainly emotions that you could see and feel in the video. This new one is no different yet very different at the same time. To me this video is full of emotions, and there’s a much stronger story behind it than in the first one. As you might have guessed from the title, Paris is my Fairytale, it does indeed talk about just that – that Paris is like a dream to me: always reachable, wonderful, and full of extraordinary memories…


When I shoot outfit videos, I do it out of the spur-of-the-moment, without thinking too deeply about a storyline, and without any clear idea of the music I will use or the way I would like the video to look. The video clip only comes together once I find the perfect melody to illustrate my motion pictures on the screen. The song I used for this video is called ‘Fairytale’ by Milky Chance. I feel like the music couldn’t suit my video clip any better than it does: it even has the perfect lyrics to fit the mood of the story I was trying to create! “You’re a fairytale, don’t you wanna stay? You’re a fairytale, I hope that you don’t run away…”.  The meaning behind these words in my video captures a connection between the city of Paris and myself, with the voice of Paris telling me to stay, and to keep living in this wonderful fairytale.


Let these emotions carry you away whilst you watch this outfit video, and I will tell you more about the look and location I chose in tomorrow’s post!





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  1. my darling bibi-this was my 1st time and ur website and blog-i’m very impressed with maturity in expressing urself inpics and speech
    u r quite the young lady
    ah luzz ya

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