Opulence Revealed at La Maison Rémy Martin

la maison remy martin

La Maison Rémy Martin, an exclusive pop-up private members’ club located in the heart of Soho, London, has opened its doors for the second time this November and has invited us to be a part of it! Sharing its luxury French heritage, Rémy Martin has come to buzzing and eccentric London to takes us on a journey all about indulging in the finer things in life.

la maison remy martinla maison remy martin

The Private Members club has opened in a four-story townhouse in the center of Soho, with the interior deco executing innovation, elegance and a traditionally French atmosphere. During the month the exclusive club had opened, La Maison Rémy Martin has invited to us to experience the true enjoyment of their finest XO Excellence cognac with an evening of tasting and food pairing.

Guided by Rémy Martin’s Cellar Master, we were introduced to their best-selling and exceptional range of XO cognacs. XO, standing for extra-old, is the finest variety of brandy you could have. We were taken on a journey from the history of Rémy Martin, a family-owned company established since 1724, to the art of aging, where the barrels are made exclusively from French Limousin oak to allow a delicate and powerful exchange between the drink and the air inside the cellar, in order to fully enjoy this luxury tasting.

la maison remy martinla maison remy martin

The Opulence Revealed XO tasting was all about encapsulating our senses and indulging in Rémy Martin’s XO cognac through the combination of different foods, such as parmiggiano cheese, French macarons, dark chocolate and salted caramel fudge to bring out new sumptuous flavors with each sip.

la maison remy martinla maison remy martin

Once the tasting had come to an end and our palettes were fully satisfied, we were guided to La Maison Rémy Martin’s main reception room to spend the rest of the evening. The interior deco of the luxury townhouse gave off a quintessentially British vibe, yet still ultimately leading back to its French roots with exquisite sofas, glass doors and a selection of Rémy Martin cognacs beautifully displayed in the bar.

la maison remy martinla maison remy martinla maison remy martinla maison remy martin

The Opulence Revealed XO tasting was a truly fantastic experience, from learning about Rémy Martin to discovering how to really enjoy a great drink. Thank you La Maison Rémy Martin and Wickerwood for having me as a member this November!


Xx Bibi

All Photos taken by me.


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