burberry prorsum bag

London Fashion Week has just come to an end, and while I’m preparing all my posts on my LFW looks and of the shows I’ve been to, I wanted to show you a little something very special to me (which you would have already seen if you’re following me on Instagram)!

I’m the kind of person who is more interested in buying quality pieces that I can wear for a lifetime, rather than impulse shop and end up wearing things only once. Of course, don’t get me wrong, I really love trends and therefore do buy into fashion depending on the season, but for accessories such as shoes and bags, I only invest in something I know will last me forever. So this is exactly what I did on the occasion to choose a birthday gift from my grandparents, and I decided to wait for the sales to get this Burberry Prorsum beauty!

I have been obsessed with this bag ever since – the grey tone is the perfect shade to match at least half of my wardrobe, and it’s also a seasonal color so I can wear it all year round! This is my second luxury bag and also my second Burberry one (I’m always drawn to Burberry..), so you will definitely be seeing it a lot on my blog (I also wore it for three out of four LFW looks)! What do you think of the bag? I would love to know your thoughts!



burberry prorsum bagburberry prorsum bagburberry prorsum bagburberry prorsum bagburberry prorsum bag

  1. A very good investment! I also prefer to buy things that last for a long time… therefore I’d find it hard to be a fashion blogger and present the latest trends. Hope you will have many happy times with this gorgeous bag.

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