chloe love story eau de parfum

All love stories begin with a woman… All love stories begin with a whirl of emotions; crazy, pleasant, thrilling… They are complex yet simple, they are mesmerising yet so clear, and the notion of love is a beautiful feeling. Self-empowerment, happiness, the excitement of waking up every blissful morning and proudly feeling beautiful, comfortable, content. Every love story begins with you; and the notion of love is just as much about finding your true self, as it is to find your Prince Charming. To me, a true love story happens when you know you, and those dearest relationships with the most important people in your life push you towards your dreams, and make you grow into the confident woman you’ll soon become.

I’m talking about the love in finding your true self, and that magical feeling that surrounds it. Sharing that moment with others, with your man – is another step closer to a beautiful story… My life in Paris a few years ago, at the young age of sixteen, was filled with countless laughs, spontaneous soirées with a large group of friends, and mysterious dates with the one I ended up falling madly in love with. Yet those years, as extroverted as I was, I was still very much an introvert. The bigger, wilder life I dreamt of, was lost in between emotions of confusion – who do I want to become?

These are the moments that lead you towards discovering who you are; I’ve found a passion so strong, a love so deep, that all those thoughts and emotions have come into place. This Valentine’s day, when I think of a love story that makes it my own, I fall into the memories of my past that has built my present, and which will continue on into a progression of my happiest future. I’ve found myself, although there is a lot more to learn!

Falling deep into my thoughts, I wanted to share this story of mine with you to express how I feel when I think of Chloé’s seductive Love Story fragrance, and how I feel when I first discovered it’s sensual sent of orange blossom and white flora, sweet and beautifully fresh. I think of my days, what makes my story, mine, is living it day to day – from awakening in the morning, to heading to work, to enjoying these Winter evenings and delicate nights. In celebration of Valentine’s Day with Fragrance Direct and Chloé, I wanted to share my story with you. It’s a story of love, and of finding your true self. If I could summarise these feelings into one scent, without a doubt, it would be that of the empowering, feminine and sensual Chloé Love Story eau sensuelle… What’s your love story?

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Love always,

chloe love story eau de parfum

chloe love story eau de parfum

chloe love story eau de parfum

chloe love story eau de parfum

Featured: Chloé LOVE STORY Eau de Parfum
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