milan fashion week ss16

Wrapping up with Milan Fashion Week SS16, here is a final recap of the shows I had the opportunity to see! Each and every one was so unique and different, yet still elegant and truly portraying the modern femininity of Italian fashion! I hope you will enjoy these designers, as I did during their fantastic shows!

milan fashion week ss16

The look I decided to wear for Day 5 of Milan Fashion Week was an entirely vintage outfit taken from my French grandmother’s wardrobe! I just love the elegance and romanticism in a long, navy blue skirt combine with a delicate and ocean-blue sequin top. I felt like this outfit couldn’t have suited the city of Milan more perfectly, and what an amazing backdrop the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele was for the shoot! Being in Milan makes me want to dress up, always, even if it’s just to get a gelato and stroll along the streets! That is a feeling I love in a city..

milan fashion week ss16milan fashion week ss16alberto zambelli ss16

ALBERTO ZAMBELLI: A beautiful and artistic show was most certainly Alberto Zambelli, who took his inspiration from the photographs by Seydou Keita in Mali in the 1940s to evoke a tribal atmosphere in his designs. A functional, fluid and architectural collection was the final outcome, with a dark color palette and use of silky prints to bring out an exotic yet authentic feel to the pieces. I couldn’t get enough of how fresh and exciting each look coming down the runway was!

alberto zambelli ss16alberto zambelli ss16miguel viera ss16

MIGUEL VIERA: Viera, Portuguese designer making his mark in Sao Paolo, Madrid, Paris and now Milan during Fashion Week, truly executed a feminine collection with simplistic color palettes and a focus on structure and detail. His line is for the elegant, sophisticated and timeless woman with confidence!

miguel viera ss16coliac ss16

COLIAC: If there is a shoe brand that is able to capture my style to perfection (and make me wish for everything in the collection!), it is surely Coliac. As a modern and feminine take on the iconic men’s Derby shoe, Coliac has taken creative liberty to design a playful, fashion-forward luxury shoe collection that is unique to its name. Experimenting with new materials and constant innovation is part of Coliac’s identity, and so this SS16 collection focuses on the ‘vegan line’ – entirely made in artificial leather. Definitely a brand that is for the creative and modern woman!

coliac ss16coliac ss16carlos gil ss16

CARLOS GIL: A vibrant, modern and feminine collection created around ‘the New Sartorial’ – a tailor, sculptor, painter and architect in one. Neutral tones blend into pop of exuberant colors, together with the combination of tailored silhouettes with pleats and volume. The Carlos Gil woman is powerful, pure and perfect, and she knows how to stand out!

carlos gil ss16

I hope you enjoyed this final show recap, and I’m curious to know which designer is your favorite?


Xx Bibi

All photos taken by me.


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