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This post is a little overdue, but nonetheless I still wanted to show you my experience during day 2 of MBFW Berlin as the shows were really spectacular! Hopefully these images will get you in the mood for Fashion-Week month taking place across the major fashion cities, which is kicking off in September (I know, I’m excited!).

For the day I wore the most adorable little dress from a brand I have been working a lot with recently: Fabitoria (whom I also wore on day 1)! I absolutely love the style of their designs: everything from the flattering cut to the unique prints, and they are made with such luxurious fabrics! As I knew I would be running from one show to the next on that day, I decided to dress down the look by wearing a pair of Birkenstock sandals: the perfect comfort shoe (and they are really trending at the moment as well!).

MBFWB SS16 BloggerMBFWB SS16 BloggerMBFWB SS16 Blogger

Now on to the shows…

Starting off the second day of MBFW Berlin was Irene Luft, one of my favorite shows to watch as each and every model walking down the catwalk always brings excitement! As more of an edgy designer, Irene Luft played with the meaning of power and femininity, creating a truly distinctive collection.

The shapes of the garments were bold, flattering and impeccably detailed, and the color palette remained toned in shiny gold, cream and black. What I loved most was the unique detail that instantly transformed the outfit from sweet to mysterious: the bondage, a rather intriguing touch that I believe you either love or hate.

MBFWB SS16 Irene LuftMBFWB SS16 Irene LuftMBFWB SS16 Irene LuftMBFWB SS16 Irene Luft

Another beautiful show to watch, as always, is Rebekka Ruetz. Inspired by the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, the collection titled ‘A touch of Frida spoke to us about modern beauty, freshness, sensuality and girlishness. The focus was on simple shapes with rich and exotic colors, dynamic floral prints and a mix of different fabrics. Overall a very well executed and remarkable collection!

MBFWB SS16 Rebekka RuetzMBFWB SS16 Rebekka RuetzMBFWB SS16 Rebekka Ruetz

Finally, MINX brought about a different air to MBFW Berlin. The designs were all about simple sophistication and clean-cut pieces with delicate fabrics. A soft and feminine collection walked down the runway, with a big beautiful peach-colored skirt and silk blouses: there was truly something for every women.


What is amazing is that all the designs are so different yet each beautiful in their own ways! I love that the fashion in Berlin is also very wearable; I could definitely see myself wearing some of these pieces! What do you think of the shows?


Xx Bibi

MBFWB SS16 BloggerMBFWB SS16 BloggerDress by Fabitoria



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