As some of you may know, I was at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin where I had the amazing opportunity to have attended many AW15 fashion shows! This experience was unlike any other: not only was it my first time at any Fashion Week, but it was also my first time visiting Germany. I was only in Berlin for a couple of days, so sadly I didn’t have much time to visit (and the weather was freezing!), but I am hoping to go to Berlin every MBFW now, and next time I will definitely plan some more visits!

While at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week I finally had the chance to meet Joéva, fashion blogger on LaFashionWar, who lives between Paris just like me! We’ve been following eachother’s blogs and Instagrams for quite some time, so it was so much fun to meet up in person! We attended many MBFW shows together, which was pretty awesome. So in this post I decided to put together all of my favorite looks from the shows that I have attended, and in other posts I will show you what I wore to the Fashion Week! I hope you will enjoy them like I have!



ANNE GORKEAGDSC_1529Photo credit: MBFashionWeek

DIMITRID1D2Photo credit: MBFashionWeek


ZUKKERZ2Z1Photo credit: MBFashionWeek

ESTHER PERBANDTEP1EP2Photo credit: MBFashionWeek


VEKTORV1V2Photo credit: MBFashionWeek


This Fashion Week I had the opportunity to discover so many new brands, each with such a different style and perspective on fashion. I can’t be more grateful for this experience, and I want to thank you all for your constant support and for always reading what I have to say! Have a lovely week everyone!!


  1. So lovely that you got the opportunity to attend MBFW Berlin! Berlin style is truly amazing, and that’s definitely reflected in these collections. I wish I could have gone too (expecially considering that I wasn’t far away at all), but I had sooo much stuff to organize for my move….next time :)

    Jasmin xx


  2. This is amazing hun, looks like such a great experience! Gotta check out Beling for sure ;) I love them all, but Rebekka Ruetz dramatic collection is just so appealing to me! Great post, can’t wait for next fashion week, hopefully we’ll get to go together to many many shows, coordinate our outfits (lol!) and get super inspired!! xxx



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