Image-12014 has been without a doubt an incredible year. When I graduated from high school in 2013, I thought that my life was set. I was planning on going to law school, and got accepted to a competitive program in the States. But the summer of 2013 was when I lost myself. I didn’t want to move to the States that soon; I didn’t want to give up the life I had in Paris with my family or with my boyfriend. After doing an internship in a Courthouse I realized that law wasn’t for me. So that is when I began to wonder what it was I wanted to do in the future. I truly had no idea.

I believe that every person goes through a period in their life when they feel lost and confused. Mine came too soon – or so I thought. But I’m glad I felt that way when I did, because it allowed me to go way out of my comfort zone and to take a risk. I enrolled in a business program in London in September 2013, without really knowing the path I would follow later on. Moving to a new country is hard in itself, and as I’ve always been someone who likes to be in control of my future, not knowing what I wanted was a challenge. That year was when I met amazing people who’ve become truly great friends. And when the New Year arrived in 2014, it somehow hit me: I wanted to work in fashion.

There’s just something about the industry that makes it so special: is it the hard working and extremely talented people? The networking events? The fast-paced lifestyle? The fashion shows? Or simply the crowd? I hadn’t even discovered what it was like to be in fashion, before I came up with the spontaneous idea to start my own blog. It was more like a gateway into my life; I wanted to share my thoughts and style with people around the world. But it was also a way for me to really discover myself: who I am now and who I want to be. In this process I’ve lost many friends who said that I’ve changed, but the people who always stood by me are the ones I know are real.

In short, 2014 was a year of rejuvenation. The year when I found a passion so big that I can’t even remember what my life was like without it. My fashion blog, not even a year old yet, has brought me more happiness and success than I ever would have imagined. The friendships I’ve made, collaborations I’ve been a part of, events I attended and brands I’ve worked with and loved, have all helped me to realize that a future in fashion is what I want. Actually, isn’t what I want – it’s what I need. I now have begun my first year at my top choice university studying Fashion Marketing. London is a city that has also given me the opportunity to excel in what I love, and for that it is a place that I just feel so good living in. Never in all my 19 years have I woken up every morning with the biggest smile on my face, because I just love the life that I am leading. I love waking up to my blog, to going to university, to seeing my boyfriend who I’ve been dating for three years as of today, and to going out with my close friends. 2014 has been amazing, but 2015 will be even better.

I hope you enjoy this 2014 recap of never-before seen images of my favorite outfits of the year, and thank you to all those who have made my blog possible: I wouldn’t be here without you!


Love always,

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  1. What a beautiful story and looks! I hope and wish 2015 will be an amazing year for you.. I can’t wait to read more posts.. they are always so inspiring <3

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