Rounding up with the last of the London Fashion Week shows and presentations that I had the opportunity to see on Day 4 and Day 5, the variety of styles was immense! From avant-garde to theatrical, to dark and psychotic, and finally to classic and more trend-focused, I can assure you, London’s fashion scene has it all! So scroll down to see the different shows, and let me know which you find the most intriguing!

Belstaff SS16 London Fashion Week

BELSTAFFBelstaff’s SS16 collection is inspired by the ‘Beauty Manifested in Power’, with references to the greatest forces of nature being the most effervescent and beautiful. The Sea is the most predominant theme explored in these designs; from the different shades of blue to evoke the sentiment of the deep oceans to the exploration of texture, form and silhouette, the concept has created a new form of femininity brought out by nature.

Belstaff SS16 London Fashion WeekBelstaff SS16 London Fashion WeekChristopher Raeburn SS16 London Fashion Week

CHRISTOPHER RAEBURN: A feminine and classic collection that combines sustainability with high fashion and reworked fabrics to create something bold and new! Taking inspiration from the Jungles of Borneo, Christopher Raeburn brought to us his vision of the female explorer discovering unknown territories. Incorporating textures such as transparency, mesh detailing and airbrake parachutes used for outerwear, the collection was modern sophistication combined with utilitarian at its best.

Christopher Raeburn SS16 London Fashion WeekC.J. YAO SS16 London Fashion Week

C.J. YAO: A cutting-edge young independent designer, C.J. Yao aims to translate impulsive energy into creative designs that capture the essence of youth. This season the collection focused on a style that is ‘Sports-Chic’, using deconstructive fabrics, quirky designs and bold colors to represent the young generation who love life and want to live to its fullest! I particularly love the play of structural and oversized garments, with the mix of different materials to create a style unique to her brand.

C.J. YAO SS16 London Fashion WeekTata Naka SS16 London Fashion Week

TATA NAKA: Inspired by South American culture and the works of artists such as Mexican painter Diego Riviera, the collection evoked a sense of modernity and freedom, which was beautiful to look at. The garments had a natural and ‘raw’ feel to them in relation to their construction, seemingly appearing handcrafted and artistic through the use of different prints on the fabrics and embroidered details. The vibrant color palette used strongly suited the theme, and certainly made me feel like I was in Latin American under the beating sun.

Tata Naka SS16 London Fashion WeekL'Amitie SS16 London Fashion Week

L’AMITIE: The theme of L’Amitié’s collection was ‘Transcendence’, referencing past and present styles that together bonded beautifully to create a timeless collection. Through the mix of organic materials, silk, sequins and tassels, each look was sleek and very feminine, reminding me of the silhouettes from the 1920s and 1930s. From the combination of flares, side-splits, long dresses and robes, L’Amitié created a collection of effortless elegance.

L'Amitie SS16 London Fashion WeekMarko Mitanovski SS16 London Fashion Week

MARKO MITANOVSKIMitanovski has created a fictional world, using sculptural and theatrical references in his designs. The SS16 collection was inspired by the amorphous forms found in nature, and on the phenomena of pain and fear. The materials mainly used are leather and latex, aggressive fabrics to create texture and build a more dramatic silhouette. If you look closely on the garments, you can see shapes of ghouls and spiders.

Vin+Omi SS16 London Fashion Week

VIN + OMI: A creative and artistic collection, appearing to be handmade, beautifully showcased a collection inspired by nature and the environment. The Futuristic Eco-Punk is what they have called themselves, creating proud Amazonian warriors that represented both sustainable fashion with style and attitude. The materials on the garments were made of trees, fifteen different types of wood actually, and the brand’s signature latex.

Belgrade Fashion Week SS16 London Fashion Week

BELGRADE FASHION WEEK: As a showcase of five very different and talented designers coming from Eastern Europe, each show conveyed ‘Art’ in their own manner. My favorite in terms of style was Vlada Savic (above) for his feminine, simplistic and modern designs that are easily wearable day to day. However I also really enjoyed watching the more avant-garde shows on the runway, such as Ivana Pilia (below) who focused on dark elements to invoke futuristic and architectural silhouettes that truly stand out.

Belgrade Fashion Week SS16 London Fashion Week

I hope you enjoyed this final recap of the London Fashion Week shows! If you haven’t seen the others yet, you can read them here: DAY 1 & DAY 2, DAY 3 SHOWS. As always, I’d love to know which you liked best!


Xx Bibi

All Photos taken by me.


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