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A few weeks ago we shot a very exciting editorial in collaboration with Glints Eyewear, and located in the quirky suite of the Qbic London hotel!

Eyewear is so important: not only it is a medical tool designed to improve our vision and how we see life, but it is also a fashion accessory that plays a big part in the creation of our overall look. Whether we choose to wear a certain frame or different sunglasses, eyewear is a form of expression that lies closely alongside fashion.

Glints is a London based eyewear brand that focuses on offering the right product for everyone and making you feel confident and good in the frames that you wear! A new player in the business, they specialize in the creation of beautifully crafted frames of the highest quality, made in Japan. Each frame with a rich color pattern and unique shape, Glints has designed fashion-forward and high-quality eyewear (and at an affordable price)!

For me, eyewear can be the deciding factor that will transform your final look: it is an accessory that shows your uniqueness, but most of all one that you can have fun with! This is exactly what I wanted to portray in this little editorial – where I chose one outfit but complimented it by trying on many different Glints frames. Glints offers that great service of sending a box of selected frames for you to try on in the comfort of your own home, where you can then see which pair is your favorite! I have always been one to love glasses, and even though I don’t have prescribed ones, this hasn’t stopped me from wearing them as a part of my look!

Shot in the quirky and modern Fun Room at the Qbic hotel in London, it was the perfect location for our theme of playing with eyewear!

I hope you enjoy this editorial shoot, and I would love to know what you think of eyewear as a fashion accessory! Would you wear clear frames to style an outfit?


Xx Bibi

Photo Credit: Amoureuse de Mode

glints london eyewearglints london eyewearglints london eyewearglints london eyewearglints london eyewearglints london eyewearAll eyewear by Glints London
Full look by Tommy Hilfiger

A very special thank you to the team at Qbic London for organising this photoshoot, it was a pleasure to shoot in the Fun Room!


  1. I’ve never heard of Glints, but if it’s London based, I’m up for it. Plus, your photos look exceptionally good! :))

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