chic in the city

As spring is finally approaching and winter is reaching its end, I wanted to show you a post shot a while back in Paris… With the beautiful Eiffel Tower in the backdrop, the inspiration behind this look was elegance and a classic touch. Whenever I’m in Paris I always emphasize femininity and sophistication in how I dress. I don’t know why, it’s just something about being in the city that makes me feel that way! London brings out my edgier and more daring side, whilst Paris brings out the chic girly girl in me. Do you any of you feel that way once you’re in a different city?



chic in the citychic in the citychic in the citychic in the citychic in the city
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Jacket — Similar Here
Skirt — Ella Luna (Similar Here)
Scarf — Topshop (Similar Here)
Heels — Charles Keith
Bag — Burberry

  1. I know exactly what you mean! Every city has a certain vibe that totally rubs off on us. When I’m back home in Hannover, for example, I couldn’t care less about how I look, because it’s such an unstylish place anyway. Here in Berlin on the other hand, everybody looks so effortlessly casual, and it has totally affected my way of dressing. You look absolutely stunning by the way. Black suits you exceptionally well :)

    Jasmin xx

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