Here it is, the first outfit post from an exciting project I worked on while I was in Paris with the brand Brigitte Bardot. 


This look is one of my favorites from Brigitte Bardot due to its simplicity, sporty appeal and flirty black lace top. Before I say any more about the look, I would like to go into some background detail about the brand and the iconic superstar Brigitte Bardot herself.

Born in Paris, France, Bardot is a former and talented actress who became popular internationally once her acting career took off, and has since also been a singer, model, and even animal rights activist. In the 1950s and 60s she was even one of the best known sex symbols, and the recent creation of a brand named after her brings back sexy vintage clothing into modern day attire.

Brigitte Bardot’s style was very feminine, girly and chic, but most importantly representative of French fashion. With a new and fresh take on vintage attire (such as lace, off-the-shoulder tops, gingham print checked dresses and signature bikinis) the brand Brigitte Bardot modernized yet kept the clothing characteristic of the French superstar. Every item goes through Brigitte Bardot herself before its approval to be a part of every season’s collection.

The first look is a mix of flirty and sporty due to the sheer black lace top with BURING MIDNIGHT written in bold on it, and large white shorts with flower lace detail. To add to the look, sneakers were the best pick for a relaxed look. I can tell you, I’m completely obsessed with Brigitte Bardot fashion!

Stay tuned for more looks to come from Brigitte Bardot!









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