Phew… Back from a long day which was my first day of university! I’m soo excited to begin my course, Fashion Marketing, and feel that it will only bring me many great opportunities and knowledge which I have yet to learn! Today was only the induction, and I begin classes next week! Will update you on how it goes of course. :)

For today’s blog post it’s a short one but a nice one, wearing an end of summer look as shorts weather is still around! This outfit is all about being bold yet comfortable: with an adorable St John deep blue sweater, BA&SH Aztec shorts, and black and gold gladiator sandals. I wore these Steve Madden gladiators for my very first editorial shoot in my fashion magazine, Bibi Goes Chic Magazine, but realized that I had never posted them on the blog – so this look was the chance to! It’s too bad that summer is over and the weather is getting too chilly to wear them, because I really love them and feel like they bring such power to an outfit! Also, this look was shot down by the river Seine in Paris, one of my favorite locations to take photos as the scenery is so beautiful! What do you think?



Get this look for $36+ on Lookastic: Blue Knit Cropped Sweater, Gold Pendant, White and Blue Horizontal Striped Shorts, Gold Bracelet, Black Clutch, and Black Leather Gladiator Sandals

    1. Thanks Jasmin!! Yes, I would have loved to wear them more often as well! But at least it’s good to know that gladiator sandals and aztec will also be popular next spring, so you will definitely see these two again! X

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