casualcurlToday I am going to show you a quick little hair tutorial on how to create voluminous beach waves – but rather than using a curling iron or straightener, I’ll be using a new device I got recently called the CasualCurl.

The CasualCurl is simply a roller that attaches to the end of your hairdryer, heating your hair from the inside of the device. Now what I like so much about the CasualCurl is not only the simplicity and ease-of-use I had with creating the relaxed beach wave look, but it’s also for the well-thought concept of the product: the way in which it works doesn’t have any damaging effects on your hair at all, unlike using a curling iron or straightener! The CasualCurl straps onto your hairdryer and heats the inside of the device, which then forms your hair into a soft curl, so your hair actually has no direct contact with the heat!

Now with that being said, if you want to see more than just stroll down for the tutorial – and enjoy!


First and foremost, I just want to let you know what products I have used to achieve my beach wave hairstyle. These are a brush, a hairdryer, a styling spray, a hairspray, a couple of clips, and of course the CasualCurl itself (two of them)!


To begin I just brush out my hair and section my hair with clips so that it’s easier to curl the hair underneath.


Step 1: Styling Spray

This step is optional but in my opinion I had better results when I used a styling spray. All it does really is moisten your hair so that it facilitates easy styling.

Step 2: Roll onto the CasualCurl

Here is where the CasualCurl comes in! I first section my hair into strands and then wrap the hair around the roller until it reaches the level of my ear. I don’t want the curl to start too high up simply because it looks much more natural when the whole head isn’t curled.

Step 3: Blowdry

Once the hair is fully wrapped around the CasualCurl, all you have to do is insert the hairdryer into the end of the device and turn it on. I like to keep the heat on high and the strength on medium, but you can adjust this according to your hair and preference! I usually let the air blow for about 30 seconds and then leave the CasualCurl in for another 30 seconds to allow more time for the curl to settle in place.

Step 4: Unleash the curl!

This step is pretty self-explanatory; you just unroll the hair and end up with a soft voluminous curl!


The process is then repeated on the rest of my hair until all the sections are curled.


To speed up a little I use two CasualCurls rather than one because you will find, if you have a lot of hair like me, that curling it can be quite time-consuming. But with the CasualCurl it is really that easy – and if you have two of them you take up half of the time!


And voilà, in less than 10 mins you have that effortless beach wave hairstyle, and your hair truly feels so soft! If you want the curls to last you through the day, I will recommend using hairspray – but don’t overdue it as you still want to have that relaxed, easy-going and natural look to your waves!


There you have it, it’s really that simple!

casualcurlGet the CasualCurl HERE, available in two sizes and in six different colors! I hope you have enjoyed this hair tutorial and I would love to know your opinion on the product in the comments below!





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