Today’s post is kept simple and sweet: it shows you how to wear a chic all-in-black outfit, and how even the smallest details can make you stand out.



Wearing an all-in-black outfit may just be the easiest to put together, simply because every color matches black, and it’s hard to go wrong. Having said that, is it easy to always go right when wearing black? I’ll leave this decision up to you because it depends of course on personal taste. There’s nothing I love more than rocking colors, especially in spring, but every now and then it’s nice to just wear an all-black outfit and to make it work.


The best thing about all-in-black outfits is that they’re so versatile; you can really wear them anywhere! I wore this simple yet chic look purposely for a dinner party, but you can wear it out in the day in the busy city, on a shopping-spree or to a party… The list is endless! I kept the look simple because my top has rhinestones on it and my pants are in leather. Ballerinas were a great pick because it keeps the look more versatile, but you could easily dress it up by slipping on rockstud heels! Finally, it’s always a good idea to add jewelry when wearing an all-in-black outfit because it helps to make the look pop out more. I chose a colorful bold blue bracelet and a gold one, and also a shark-tooth necklace which really stands out. I know there are only two pictures, but as I was at a dinner party I couldn’t really begin a photoshoot! Nonetheless I still wanted to show you my all-in-black outfit as the only other one you’ve seen was for my very first blog post!


Enjoy the look and make sure to update yourself on Friday with my new Pick of the Week!







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