5 Tips to Create Beautiful Instagram Pictures

Before going ahead with all of my tips and tricks, I’ve decided to launch a new ‘Advice’ section on my blog, where I will speak about a range of topics (all blogging and social media related) in the hopes of giving you some ideas and advice! So let’s begin!

INSTAGRAM, like the other social networks, is a big part of the society we live in today. It is no doubt that most of us won’t be able to go a day without browsing the latest photos, tweets, Facebook updates and snaps on all of the social media channels we are a part of. It’s not only the interest in looking at others’ pictures and posts that makes us so drawn to social media – it is our want to share with the world as well.

Whether you are new to Instagram, are looking to grow your profile, or just out to share what you’re up to, having a quality social media profile has become a great advantage! More and more people have created a business out of their social profiles, and there is a strategic reason to that. The better quality content you have, the more you attract other users to follow you. So here are my top tips on how you can create beautiful pictures to share on Instagram!

1. Have a main subject of focus

The starting point for any image is to know what you are capturing (an object, landscape, food, yourself?). Be clear with what you have in mind so that your photo doesn’t end up scattered and lost.

top tips to create beautiful instagram pictures

2. Shoot in bright light

One of the most important factors of getting a good picture is the high quality it will have. Low light will show the grain and cause blurriness, whereas taking your snaps during daylight will give bright and clear photos that show a lot of detail!

top tips to create beautiful instagram pictures

3. Composition

Be strategic in how you place the objects in your image. Crop to capture the most interesting parts and place the elements of the photograph so that they look the most attractive. Where you place something on an image can create a different atmosphere, so play around with the framing and composition to get the right one!

top tips to create beautiful instagram pictures

4. Edit your photos

I am a big believer in editing your images before posting them because 99% of the time the unedited version is often bland and lacks in color tones. Using simple photo editing tools such as enhancing the photo, increasing the exposure for more brightness and upping the contrast to boost the colors will completely change the look of the image!

top tips to create beautiful instagram pictures

To go a step further, you can add a subtle filter that will make your picture more inspiring to look at. (Great apps to use are Photoshop Express, Afterlight, VSCOCam and Typic+)

top tips to create beautiful instagram pictures

5. Follow a theme

Whether it is a color palette that you use or in the composition, finding a style that suits you and staying true to it will help to create beautiful and engaging content. A good tip is to look at your Instagram as one big picture, and ask yourself if it consistent in its layout and color pattern? Before posting I always look at the last two pictures I’ve posted and try to make the new one blend in.

top tips to create beautiful instagram pictures


Creating a beautiful Instagram feed is certainly not hard, it just takes some trial and error to find a consistent theme that you love, with the right colors and composition to catch the eye! Remember, the photos you share are all about you after all, and so it’s important you stay true to yourself as a brand. I hope this little guide has been interesting and useful to read! Let me know if you like these type of posts, and if you have any other tips for beautiful pictures?


Xx Bibi

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  1. Love that you have an advice section on your blog! You’re the best person to give Insta advice, since your feed is phenomenal! One trick I would share is for people to not rush to post just any picture. Wait for the right one (this is something I’m still working on)!

    Chow Down USA

  2. These are such great tips, you have a very beautiful instagram feed. Do you have any more suggestions about how to make the photos uniform? For example, do you always edit with the same filter?
    Thank you,
    Maple and Mint

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